This house sits on the western edge of Lake Austin. A deep slough carves its way into this property bringing the waters of the lake hundreds of feet past the shoreline. The house is situated to take advantage of this unique situation - views and access to water all around. 

The entry to the house occurs along one side of a courtyard. Moving under a steel and wood canopy the entry experience is also the first full view of Lake Austin. An exposed steel frame supports public spaces on this side of the home. Dining, Kitchen, Family, and Screen Porch all share the same ceiling plane while cabinets and bay-like projections define the individual spaces. Strategically placed steel-slatted sun shades run both horizontally and vertically over porches and upper windows to filter the affects of the sun as it lights up the interiors.

The pool and other outdoor amenities to the south are made private from the main body of water by the screen porch. Boat access and storage occur from the slough. The boathouse supports an outdoor room above…a perfect vantage point to survey the comings and goings, by land or by water.