Location: Austin, Texas
Completed: 2016
Design Team: Gary Furman, Philip Keil, Jamie Kerensky, Troy Miller
Contractor: Crowell Builders
Landscape Design: Garden Design Studio
Interior Design: Tracey Overbeck Stead
Photographer: Paul Baradgjy

This remodel and addition presented the architects with a unique challenge - how to make changes to the last house designed by the internationally known architect, and AIA Gold Medal winner, Charles W. Moore. Founding principal, Gary Furman, was a student of Moore and worked with his Austin office in the late 80's. Luckily, Furman's appreciation and respect for the late architect was embraced by the entire design team. The goal became clear - preserve the integrity and spirit of the original design, while adding to the utility and acknowledging the personality and preferences of the new homeowners.



Texas Architect, "Memory Palace", January/February 2018